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Low Calorie Dinner Recipes To Try!

low calorie dinner

3 Low Calorie Dinner Recipes You Are Sure To LOVE! Dinner is the time to wind down and enjoy a nice meal with your family. So, why not make food that is not only tasty, but also healthy!? Here are 3 low calorie dinner recipes that are no more than 400 calories and I’m sure […] Read more…

Healthy Shakes – Easy to Make!

healthy shakes

Healthy Shakes Healthy Shakes Shakes are yummy, they keep you cool, they act as happy food, they are just all around awesome. Shakes can also be pretty unhealthy being full of sugar, and extra flavorings that we love, but aren’t always great for our bodies. Don’t worry though! I have a solution for you. 5 […] Read more…

Serena Williams Booty Workout

serena williams booty

Serena Williams Booty Serena Williams Booty Workout – Your Guide to a Tighter Plum! Serena’s booty is nothing short of perfect, and who doesn’t want a perfect booty!? If you’re looking for a workout that will whip your glutes into perfection you’ve come to the right place. Here are 4 easy workouts that you can […] Read more…

Plants for the Skin and Body

plants for the skin

Plants for the Skin Plants for the Skin We’re constantly looking for healthy ways to care for our skin and hair. Using many different products and chemicals can become very damaging to our hair, skin, and even our bodies. So what’s a good solution? Chamomile! It definitely falls into the plants for the skin category, […] Read more…

Christmas Snacks – Low Carbs and Fun to Make!

Christmas Snacks

Christmas Snacks Christmas Snacks – Low Carbs and Fun for the Whole Family! This time of year is definitely the perfect time to enjoy your loved ones and celebrate life and all of your blessings. What better way to start the season off than to have spend some quality time with the season and make […] Read more…

Sugar Cravings BE GONE!


Sugar : You can’t live with it, you can’t live without it Sugar is a weakness for many people. Is it your weakness? That yummy white goodness and high fructose corn syrup are in almost everything we eat, so adding additional yummy white goodness for taste or flavor can really start to get very unhealthy. […] Read more…

Natural Facial Cleanser

facial cleanser

Facial Cleanser – The Natural Way! With all the makeup everyone wears now a days, a facial cleanser is definitely a most asked for product in beauty supply stores. Have you ever been to the store and they didn’t have your product? Are you one with EXTREMELY sensitive skin, and just can’t find a product […] Read more…

Healthy Quick Meals in 10 mins or Less!

healthy quick meals

Healthy Quick Meals in Less Than 10 Mins! It’s 7 am, you woke up late and you have 1 hour to get to work. You forgot to pack lunch, and you definitely don’t have enough time to make breakfast and make lunch right? WRONG! With these healthy quick meals in less than 10 mins, you […] Read more…

Infused Water – Spicing Up Our Water

infused water

Infused Water- Adding Some Flavor To Your Water Infused water is clearly the healthiest way to add flavor to your water. If you’re tired of just drinking water, and you really want to add some flavor without turning to sugar and juices, this is a really yummy recipe that you need to try. Keep in […] Read more…

Eating Clean Equals Eating Good!

eating clean

Eating Clean on the 4th of July Just because you’re eating clean, doesn’t mean you can’t eat good. The 4th of July is full of festivities that will be full of great tasting food. Sometimes we try to avoid the festivities because it’s way too easy to get distracted by all of the good looking […] Read more…

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