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My latest reads and book reviews.

Cross Kill: Is It Me Or Am I Seeing Ghost!?

cross kill

Cross Kill: James Patterson Book Shots Everybody loves a good read right? Well I think you should definitely get your hands on James Patterson’s book Cross Kill. It’s a mystery/thriller that’s sure to keep you on your feet. After the first 10 pages I was literally in tears. This book is the real deal, so […] Read more…

Good African American Books to Read

good african american books

Good African American Books Good African American Books To Read There are many classic books written by African Americans that I’m learning many people haven’t read. Because I love to read, I decided to introduce you to a few that I think everyone should read at least once! Things Fall Apart (African Trilogy, Book 1) […] Read more…

My Not So Perfect Life

my not so perfect life

My Not So Perfect Life My Not So Perfect Life – A Love Story Social media is definitely very popular these days, and sometimes we let it control our lives and even our love lives. There are many stories of how wonderful relationships came to a sudden end because of something found on social media. […] Read more…

Love Mystery – The Perfect Girl

a love mystery

Love Mystery The Perfect Girl – A Love Mystery Have you ever did something in your past and wondered about the effect it would have on your life? Whether it be something good, bad, or just down right confusing, we are constantly using past experiences to shape our current situations. It’s important to always be […] Read more…

Conversations of a Conscious Black Girl

Conversations of a Conscious Black Girl

Conversations of a Conscious Black Girl Conversations of a Conscious Black Girl: A Must Read This book is absolutely great. It takes its readers into the black community and really gives them a different perspective. It introduces its readers to an urban stance on the black community and how we as black people look at […] Read more…

Good Mystery Read – Long Overdue

good mystery read

Good Mystery Read Good Mystery Read A good mystery read is long over due. Mystery books are always fun to read. They are page turners, keep you on the edge of your seat, and are very entertaining when it comes to trying to solve the case on your own. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo […] Read more…

Good New Year Read

good new year read

Good New Year Read Good New Year Read The new year is quickly approaching and it’s about that time that we start eyeing New Year resolutions. What’s your’s? Do you actually plan to follow through with it? Are you lost and need some guidance? Here is a good book to read for the upcoming New […] Read more…

Good Christmas Reads

Good Christmas reads

Good Christmas Reads Good Christmas Reads Put down the cellphones, turn off the TVs, don’t answer the tweet… Engage in something educational and nourish your mind with these two good Christmas reads. Maybe you’ll discover that technology isn’t everything 😉 A Christmas Carol Ebeneezer Scrooge’s literary villainy may not rank as highly as the likes […] Read more…

Good Winter Reads – Two Must Read Books

good winter reads

Good Winter Reads Good Winter Reads: The Perfect Season for Snuggling and Reading It’s getting cold outside and it’s definitely the perfect time of year to snuggle up under a warm blanket, drink some hot chocolate, and read a good book. But what book to read? Ask no more, because I bring to you, two […] Read more…

My Library Haul!! Time for READING!!!

library haul

My Library Haul: Let’s Make Reading a Trend My Library haul: Library time for me is bliss! I love researching books to read, using the tiny pencils to write the call number on the little slips of paper, locating books on shelves and even pulling misfiled books to have them re-shelved. Ahhhh library time! My […] Read more…

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