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The Turning Point

Although I was generally happy (I think) I didn’t feel fulfilled because my life, health and finances were all in shambles.

In 2015, I realized that it was not too late to shake things up to improve the second half of my life and make it great! I started reclaiming my life by enjoying new events, my health by exercising, my finances by budgeting and planning.

The Point of it All

I want to use this blog to share positive information that will motivate and encourage my followers to live their best lives! I will share natural hair tutorials, product and book reviews, family events, simple DIY projects, goal setting info, health and fitness plans and more! –HFN

Hello, I’m Menee Bond!

A middle aged, married, mother of four, Christian and I’m looking at the second half of my life through different lenses. I want to encourage and inspire others to live happy, fit and natural lives.

The Vlogger

In 2010, I started vlogging on YouTube to document my natural hair journey and my channel turned into so much more than a documentary. I’ve produced several popular natural hairstyle tutorials, formed lasting relationships and hosted many natural hair events.

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I’m Happy while becoming Fit and staying true to my Natural self!



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