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Spring is here!! With the change in seasons, now is an awesome opportunity to refresh your natural hair styling arsenal to match the spring heat in North Florida. No matter the length, you can rock some amazing natural hair styles in Spring, 2018.

The Wash and Go is a favorite for many locals. The wash and go is a somewhat simple style, once you have the methods and products that will lock your curls in place. The wash and go in the spring allows your curls to be free without you worrying about the damage from cold, dry air.

The Twist-Out is another awesome style to wear during the spring. Twist your hair and let it be free to fall wherever! A moisturized twist out will make the people stop and stare.

An Updo is also an all-time favorite to keep hair off the neck and shoulders and bring a classic look with ease during the spring months.

Braids and Twists are always a fan favorite of spring. Whether it’s 2 or 200 we love our braids in the spring months. Just remember to keep your natural hair moisturized while they are tucked away in braids.

https://youtu.be/xt1wr23sEgQ                                            https://youtu.be/xt1wr23sEgQ       
Check out these tutorials and Have fun this spring with different styles!

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