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This fitness journey has been a long one for me, with both highs and lows…..
I started my journey at 220 pounds with a goal weight of 150 pounds. That’s a 70 pound weight loss journey. Needless to say I haven’t reached my goal weight yet, however, I am not giving up. Giving up is not an option for me. My body deserves to be healthy for the rest of my life. I’m pre-diabetic and I’m trying all I can do to keep from going on prescribed medication.
I have a five tips that I use to help keep me motivated enough to stay on my health and fitness journey and I want to share them with you.

1. Keep a before pic up close and personal – I keep a picture of myself at my heaviest weight close at hand. The picture is on my phone, on my Facebook page, on my Instagram and I look at it frequently. I’m not ashamed of it. I’m quite proud that I saw that I had a problem and realized that I needed to tackle the problem head on. I look at myself on the picture and remember how I felt and how I couldn’t lay flat at night because of heart burn, I couldn’t bend over and polish my toenails nor could I walk any distance without giving out of breath. I revisit the picture when I feel myself slipping and remind myself that, “You don’t want to go back there sister.” I also compare the beginning picture with current pictures to see my progress and that’s a real motivator!

2. Set realistic and challenging goals – I set weekly and monthly goals that I know I can realistically accomplish with somewhat of a challenge. Even my goal weight is realistic, because I know I weighed 150 pounds before so it’s possible for me to get back there. For example, one of my monthly goals is to clock at least 30 miles walking and/or running. To break the 30 miles down, I need to walk at least 7 ½ miles per week. Then I select the days to walk, maybe walk 1 ½ miles on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and then walk 3 miles on Saturday. That will be my 7 ½ miles for the week! When I really get my stamina up, then I’ll move my monthly goal up to 40 miles per month, map it out and get it done. I want realistic goals but I don’t want goals that won’t challenge me.

3. Use fitness apps – I use fitness apps to help me track my eating habits and fitness activities to ensure I’m meeting my weekly and monthly goals. I use myfitnesspal to log in my food daily. I truly don’t like logging in my food daily but it’s the only way to keep up with what I’m eating and the nutritional value of the food I’m eating. Throwing a handful or two of nuts in my mouth could be detrimental to my eating goals, if I don’t log them in. Me, eyeballing the nuts, I wouldn’t know the caloric or the fat content of the nuts. So I’ve just come to the realization that I have to log in my food daily if I want to meet my goals. I use the apple watch activity app to keep up with my fitness activity.

4. Join an accountability group – Making myself accountable to others is one of the main things that keeps me on track with my fitness journey. I know I don’t want to let myself down but I just as equally don’t want to let down the people who I’m working toward common goals with. If I don’t take my goals seriously then it will be easier for my accountability partners to not take their goals seriously either. I must be honest myself and my accountability group about my eating and fitness activities. Progress should be happening if I say I’m staying on course. If I fall off then I’ll have support and encouragement to help me get back on course.

5. Inspire others – I like to inspire and encourage other people to live their very best lives, not just in health and fitness but in every aspect of life. When you get traction with weight loss then sharing your journey inspires others to start a journey of their own. It may be only the people in your direct contact or it may be inspiring people you don’t even know through social media. By sharing my journey publicly, I inspire people to start a health and fitness journey and I inspire myself to stay on track. I don’t want to disappoint myself or others.

These are five of the tips that I use to keep me motivated on my health and fitness journey to help me reach my weight loss goal of 150 pounds. I know I can do it. Feel free to use either one of my tips to help you reach your goal. And if you have tips that you use to keep you on your journey please share them below in the comment section!

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