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Apple Watch Fitness

Apple Watch Fitness: Your Apple Watch Guide

Tracking my workouts is really important to helping me meet my health and fitness goals. I use my Apple Watch to track my outdoor walks. I wanted to share with you how I track my outdoor walk with an Apple Watch.

  1. Double tap the crown dialapple watch fitness2. Tap the green workout icon to launch the workout app3. Once the workout app is open, you may scroll through the list of workout options to select. I select Quick Start Outdoor Walk Open Goal4. In 3, 2, 1 seconds start walking and the app will track your outdoor walk. 5. The app shows
    • Time walked
    • Active calories burned
    • Heart rate
    • Distance walked

6. As miles are walked the watch will notify you with a light tap on your wrist for each mile walked. The app shows

  • number of miles walked
  • average pace per mile

Before it flips back to the tracking display

7. At the end of the walk, swipe right to display Lock, End and Pause options

8. Select End

9. The applewatch will display summary, scroll down to see

  • Date and time of walk
  • Total Distance
  • Total Time
  • Active Calories burned
  • Total Calories
  • Average Pace
  • Average Heart Rate
  • Weather

10. Select Save to save the workout to your Activity App and tap the crown dial to return to the main watch display

I hope this pictorial helps you use the quick start out door walk on your Apple Watch to help you track your walking.

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