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DIY Yoga Mat

DIY Yoga Mat – Easy and Fashionable!

Yoga is definitely a fun thing to do. It helps keep your body in shape, helps build flexibility, and it relaxes your mind!

Many people love yoga because of the many different areas of your body that each individual pose target.

So if you do yoga, you know a mat is something very useful to have.

Trying each pose on the floor can become very uncomfortable over time and sometimes even slippery if you’re not wearing slip proof clothing.

Aside from needing a mat, maybe you’re on a budget, so what can you do?

Make your own!

It’s easy and fully customizable, you’ll just need a few supplies.

diy yoga mat

What You’ll Need:
– Blanket
– Fabric cutting scissors
– Sewing needle & thread
– Slip proof mat
– Bias tape

What to do
– Cut the blanket down to 36 by 72 inches and add bias tape to the edges to keep it from fraying.
– Take your needle a sow the slip proof mat to the bottom of the blanket. This will keep the mat from sliding on hard floor.

That’s it!

Easy right?

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