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Good Christmas Reads

Good Christmas Reads

Put down the cellphones, turn off the TVs, don’t answer the tweet…

Engage in something educational and nourish your mind with these two good Christmas reads.

Maybe you’ll discover that technology isn’t everything 😉

A Christmas Carol

Good Christmas reads

Ebeneezer Scrooge’s literary villainy may not rank as highly as the likes of Patrick American Psycho Bateman or Clockwork Orange’s Alex but remember – this is a man who actively despises Christmas! Luckily, a timely visit from the ghosts of past, present and future forces Scrooge to confront his more challenging personality traits in time for the festivities.

The Gift of Magi

Good Christmas Reads

It’s Christmas Eve and the only decent way a broke Della can raise cash to buy her husband Jim a gift is to chop off and sell her L’Oreal-worthy locks. Freshly shorn, she splashes out on a fancy watch chain, only to find an equally cash-strapped Jim has flogged his timepiece to buy her a set of combs. The morals being; don’t sell a body part to buy a Christmas gift and always keep the receipt.

Give these a read and let me know what you think in the comment section below!

-Happy Reading

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