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Protective Styles For Natural Hair – Winter’s Edition

Protective styles for your hair is something women with natural hair are always looking for. We want our hair to be as strong and as healthy as possible right!?

With temperatures dropping and winter quickly approaching, the question, “what am I going to do with my hair to stay warm” has probably popped in your head a few times already. Well, ask no more because I bring to you 5 protective styles for your natural hair – winter’s edition.

You can rock these natural styles, look cute, protect your hair, and stay warm all while you’re doing it! You literally can’t ask for anything better for your hair.

protective styles
Faux Locs – Cute, stylish and comes in many different colors!

protective styles
Box Braids – A classic since the 90s, you can never go wrong with this style!

protective styles
Marley Twist – Comes in all different lengths and can be styled in so many ways. You’ll never run out of hair style ideas with this style.

protective styles
Crochet Hair – Another one that comes in many, many different styles, you could get braids, a fro, even curly bantu knots. The choice of styles is unlimited with crochet hair.

protective styles
Bun – On the run? Try two buns! Buns are easy to do, cute and professional looking. Everyone will take you seriously with a bun!

Try these styles out and let me know in the comment section below your favorite protective style to wear during our chilly seasons.

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