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Deep Conditioning – The Correct Way!

Deep conditioning your hair can be a struggle if you don’t know how to properly do it. Whether you have long hair or short hair, there is a trick to making sure every inch of your hair is moisturized, and I’m going to tell you what it is.

Step 1

Thoroughly wash your hair with shampoo and warm water. Try to use a t-shirt to dry your hair, as a towel will remove too much moisture. Remember, water is good for your hair!

Step 2

Use a comb to part and section off your hair ins to small sections. Use a clip or scrunchy to secure each section.

Step 3

Take a small amount of your deep conditioner, (I like to use She Moisture Deep Treatment Masque), and apply it to one the sections that you created earlier. Use your fingers to spread the deep conditioner amongst the hair. Then comb the section to thoroughly work in the conditioner ( I like to use my wide tooth comb for this).

Step 4

After you comb off the section, two strand twist the section of hair you’ve been working with and use a clip or scrunchy to secure the twist. Reapply steps 3 and 4 to the other sections of your hair.

Step 5

After twisting each section, use a plastic shower cap to cover your hair. This will help heat up the deep conditioner as well as secure the moisture in your hair. Let the cap stay on for 30 mins.

Step 6

After the 30 mins remove the cap and rinse the deep conditioner out with warm water. Remember to use a t-shirt to dry your hair!

And there you have it, stronger moisturized, beautiful natural hair. Style your hair or simply wear you fro. However you wear it, rock it!

If you’re more of a visual learner check out my video below. In this video I show you all how to use Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque on my natural hair.

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