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money challengeYes, the Penny Challenge is an awesome opportunity to help you save $667.95 during the year! Unlike similar challenges that require you to save a greater amount of money each week, this challenge is all about saving pennies. Sounds truly doable to me!  I know I can save pennies, I always have pennies on me. This challenge will help me be more focused to save the money each day!

If you are anything like me, saving money is always on the new year’s list of things to do. However, this year I scrolled past all the postings about the 52-week challenge because I always end up being frustrated because of my inability to save the greater amounts each week. I couldn’t make the weekly deposits and my savings would become stuck.  I stumbled across the Penny Challenge on Facebook and instantly felt like this challenge was doable for me and my lifestyle.  I feel Penny Challenge is the challenge for me and feel like I can be a success!

It’s really easy to participate in the challenge.  Everyday, you will need to save the same amount of pennies as it is the day of the year! So on January 1st you’ll save 1 penny, February 1st you’ll save 32 pennies and so on until December 31st, you will save 365 pennies.

The year 2016 is a leap year, so you will actually have 366 days to save, which will bring your total savings to $671.61.

I’m so excited about completing this challenge and hope you will complete the challenge with me.  It’s still early in the year, so I’m sure you can catch up quickly.  Let me know if you’re interested in joining me on the challenge as I will provide updates throughout this year on my progress with the Penny Challenge.

money challenge

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