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Don’t Judge me!!!! All my clothes wouldn’t fit into my dresser and I couldn’t close my drawers. I felt overwhelmed and could never find the shirt I wanted to wear. I was totally unorganized and frustrated. That is until I discovered a filing system for clothes that changed my life!


Cha- Cha-Changes

For my undies drawer I used shoe boxes for organizing. I emptied all of my clothes out of drawer and separated my intimates into a pile of camies, panties and bras.  Then I folded and filed my clothes standing up into the boxes.  Everything has it’s own place and it’s much neater and easier to find the clothes I’m looking for.dresser2

The only other items I store in my dresser are my shirts.  I emptied all the shirts from the drawer, folded them and filed them in the drawer standing up. It’s awesome!! I could never fit all my clothes in the drawer but now the clothes fit and I’m able to close all the drawers! What an amazing feeling to be organized. dresser3

As you can see, I’m not the neatest folder but I got the job done and feel super proud of myself! Remember “Don’t Judge Me”!

Give filing your clothes in your dresser a try and see if it works for you like it worked for me! And don’t forget to let me know how it works for you!

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