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Dreams are those things that drive what we want. I think it’s pretty fair to say that we all have dreams, both big and small! I dream of accomplishments, vacation spots, big purchases and more that I would love to have.  I’ve realized that dreams in our heads
that aren’t written down with actionable plans are simply dreams.  However, dreams that are written down with definite plans and transition your dreams into goals!  So I admonish you to write your dreams on paper in 2016!

Image result for turn dreams into goalsOnce your dreams are written on paper, your brain starts actively imagining yours dreams and thinking of action steps to make your dreams reality.  Write those action steps down and create your plan to accomplish your dreams, one dream at a time! Now you have goals!

Example of Dream with action steps

Dream: Going to Hawaii

Action steps:

  1. Do your research:   Determine the cost of airfare, hotel stay and activities you will do in Hawaii
  2. Make a financial plan:  Calculate how much money you will need to save monthly to finance your trip
  3. Pinpoint dates:  Set a date, based on the time it will take you to save the money for your trip
  4. Keep dreaming:  Research the Hawaii and post pictures of Hawaii at your work space and home
  5. Be disciplined:  Save money based on your financial plan
  6. Make Strides:  Reserve hotel room and purchase plane tickets

  7. Enjoy:  Show up and enjoy your dream that’s now reality

You can use this method with small and big dreams and make your dreams come true. Always leave room for tweaking your plans and know that any movement toward reaching your goals is positive movement!

What’s one of your biggest dreams for 2016?

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