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hair goals2
To be quite honest, last year was very stressful for my natural hair and scalp.  Around April, my scalp started becoming very dry and itchy with huge white flakes that I would scratch with either my fingernails or a comb.  Of course, scratching made my scalp red and inflamed.  The whole situation was just horrible and embarrassing.

Why the scalp issues started is a mystery to me. I thought it happened because I was working out and sweating more, then someone said my scalp may be sunburned, then I thought I narrowed it down to my wash and go products.  I just don’t know.  All-in-all my scalp had major issues that weren’t getting any better.  My thinking was to narrow down the why, then find a solution.  I’m an all-natural type of chick and really didn’t want to use any medicine on my scalp so I started

  1. Image result for 2016 hair goalscleansing or rinsing my hair daily to keep my scalp clean of products
  2. reducing hair products to the bare minimal, I only use shampoo, conditioner, oil and my shea butter mixture on my hair and scalp
  3. applying coconut oil as an anti-fungal agent directly to my scalp
  4. wearing buns and styles without holding products  

My scalp issues are not totally gone but my scalp is soooo much better. For 2016, I’m going to continue to work on healing my scalp naturally, thickening my thinning spots, improving the health of my hair.

As far as my natural hair length, I’m going to focus on wearing more protective styles and retaining any length that I obtain.  I will not be cutting my hair in 2016, only trims when needed. I really miss wearing buns and want to start wearing big buns again.

What are your natural hair goals of 2016? Are you keeping it short or growing it long?

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